Sunday, 2 March 2008

Witty bits from what I learned in the UK (5) [Vorbe de duh din ce am învăţat în UK]

Guess whose was the huge book in the picture? It belonged to another of those beautiful and smart girls in the UK who don’t seem to think only of booze, sex and shopping. And as long as some many judge a woman as loose based upon a single glance, I dare saying she is intelligent after a single 3-minute chat.

Yes, we should learn everything in it”, the cute student answered to me, while holding the book for my camera. Her dream is to become a EU competition law attorney! Too bad that, like many other Brit girls, she doesn’t like being photographed.
Q: Hence, I can only use the imagine of the book to illustrate a classical question/answer ethnic joke I came across a few days ago – Which are the three thinnest books in the world?
A: The book about German humour, the British cooking book, and the book about Turkish democracy. I could only add my personal amendments that, every now and then, one could find a German with some sense of humour, few things around the UK are at least edible, whilst the Turkish democracy has seriously improved for the past decade or so.

Nevertheless, broadly speaking, this politically incorrect joke bears enough seeds of truth, doesn't it?
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