Monday, 5 July 2010

Some adorably useful buses [Nişte autobuze adorabil de utile]

It may not be a typical means of public transport, yet – given my experience in Rome – I can’t help recommending again (I did it once before!) such a double decker bus for visiting any British or other big city of the world.

Especially if tourists have little time at their disposal (24/48 hours), I find it very difficult to organise on your own all the trips to various places you’d like to see.

One may have special preferences, but such a bus is perfect for those who want not to miss what most tourists see…

Unlike the price in London (£ 20-22), in Rome the service cost considerably less (€15)… or too much, given the fact that a ticket to the main airport (Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino) is € 14 or a weekly ticket for all means of public transport is €16?

Just like London, Rome has hundreds of such buses (there are dozens in the significantly smaller Edinburgh, where these pictures were taken), while Bucharest hasn’t got even one.

I wonder how many other big European cities could boast with a similar lousy ‘performance’? While is hasn’t got anything in common with London, Bucharest only shares the extremely busy traffic with Rome :-(

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Anonymous said...

Bucharest hasn't many useful things ...... :-((
and if there were, I wonder how they would glide through the hellish traffic in Bucharest...

Mihai said...

The funny thing is we used to have something like that in Constanta, even though not for the whole time of the year but just for the summer (I guess the tourists are more willing to pay for such a ride than the locals).

So at least there is this small thing in which Constanta is ahead of our capital city - though it lacks far behind at so many other (much more) important things.

MunteanUK said...

@ C.L.

Traffic is bad in other places as well (including Rome), and I hear that Bucharest is 'paradise' compared to Moscow, Jakarta, New Delhi, Bangkok.


@ Mihai

I I remember well, I once noticed those buses (some many years ago, 7-8 or even 10) in Constanta.

I wish I had taken a ride... Are they still on the streets in 2010?

Mihai said...

I haven't seen them yet this summer. From what I recall (and I hope I'm not wrong) there were a few double deck buses on the streets last summer.