Friday, 30 December 2011

A taste of the endless night [O pregustare a nopţii fără sfârşit]

Although there’s nothing to celebrate, most people in the ‘civilised world’ will ‘celebrate’ the departure (where to?!) and the arrival (where did it come from?!) of the New Year.

Passing from 2011 to 2012 will not bring any immediate change in anyone’s life – except for those dying that night, suffering from severe hangover, nausea, indigestion or falling victim to party accidents.

In spite of the lack of concrete significance, people of our times prefer to give various symbolic meanings to this winter night, to prepare for it, and to spend money for it as if it meant anything.

Actually, everything has to do with partying – eating, drinking, smoking, and… … … … [anyone feel free to fill in the blanks!]. I’ve never understood why couldn’t any other night (and why not day?!) be equally suitable for this purpose?

Many think that ‘this is life’ – they have never looked for another purpose and meaning of their existence, and New Year’s Eve is the typical night when hedonists do what they can do everyday, yet in an excessive manner.

So be it; most party goers are doing it because they want it. Who am I to preach against this perspective on life? We are all free to believe what we want. If I were to say something, I’d only remind everyone that there is only One Truth.

Pretty pathetic are those doing it reluctantly, just because everybody else is doing it. They will drag themselves to parties, hypocritically feign having fun, then eagerly go home.

All just because they would be ashamed to answer “I stayed home” or “I slept” to the question “What did you do on New Year’s Eve?”. As if everyone must do something – preferably something cool.

Some of those either having fun or those simulating the enjoyment will make New Year’s Resolutions, stitching together hopes, plans, expectations, wishes for one another…

Most are goals arising from this world, concerning this passing world, and ending in this world. We mark the passing of time, unaware of the One Who gave us time – time in general and personal time - and can take it away from us.

For those who deny God – and, among other things, embrace Darwinist views of our planet being billions of years old – celebrating the passage of the billionth part of the Earth’s existence is ridiculous.

But who would stop to consider such details? This is hardly a night of philosophical meditation, of introspection, and of soul searching…

Even of those dying in 2012, almost none would regard death as an impediment for attaining the petty resolutions made that night. Apart from Saints, who ever thinks that the next year ahead could their last one?

Partying and death seem so far apart, but after-party death is not uncommon at all. As a matter of fact, because of binge drinking and promiscuity, hard partying is often the prelude of immediate death (car accidents) of future deaths (abortions, cancers).

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Mihai said...

When people ask me "What did you do on New Year's Eve ?" I usually answer "I stayed at home, tried to get some sleep (not very easy with all the noise and fireworks)". Then they ask "But why didn't you go anywhere ?" to which I reply "I just didn't know that it's mandatory" :-)

MunteanUK said...

I assume that after such an answer, the person asking you would usually remain speechless, nevertheless staring puzzled at you, with a look saying "What a weirdo" :-)

Well, you should never worry about that! This is the sad world we are living in.

Many people simply can't understand that life has a deeper meaning than 'having fun' and 'enjoying oneself' the way they do.

That 'fun/enjoyment' has nothing to do with real joy, peace of heart, equilibrium, hapiness...

Such noisy, smoky and meaningless 'fun/enjoyment' could never compare to the gifts of the Holy Spirit that extremely few people are yearning for in our times.

Anonymous said...

bine punctat! cred ca este vorba de a fi "cool" sau "uncool", n-are nicio treaba cu tine ca persoana, daca iti place sau nu, daca vrei sau nu!
pur si simplu e cool sa faci ceva in noaptea aia. e stupid, dar adevarat!!!!!
sigur ca nu intra in planurile nimanui la inceput de an moartea sau boala! majoritatea oamenilor este foarte optimista - citeam de curand un studiu referitor la treaba asta!

MunteanUK said...

@ Anonymous (4 January 2012 12:14)

We shouldn't be surprised that people are 'hyperoptimistic' on New Year's Eve and in general.

It's not a matter of 'planning' disease, suffering or death - it's about accepting the possibility of such occurences.

No kind of 'having fun', neither any superstitions (supposedly meant to bring 'good luck') can protect anyone from misfortunes.

Instead of a cautious perspective on life, when people are partying, they often act as if they were immortal, which is so silly...


PS: This is a post in English, thus I would very much appreciate using this language for the comments :-)