Monday, 7 November 2011

UK’s Prince of Wales, the future Charles III of Romania? [Prinţul Ţării Galilor al UK, viitorul Carol al III-lea al României?]

UK’s current Prince of Wales – let there be no room for confusion, I am refering to Charles Philip Arthur George, the first son of HM Queen Elizabeth II, father of Prince William and Prince Harry :-) – could be the future King of Romania, crowned as Charles III.

Believe it or not, this is one the hottest media topics in Romania these days! As if this country stood serenely above the economic turmoil engulfing the rest of the EU and the planet, and had plenty of time to indulge in political phantasms.

The likelihood – or imminence (?!) – of Romania’s return to monarchy under UK’s Prince of Wales has been intensely discussed in for the past ten days, since Romania’s former King, Mihai I, gave a speech in the Romanian (republican!) Parliament.

As long as Greece’s Prime Minister appears to have gone crazy, hordes of lunatics think of themselves as ‘occupying’ New York City’s Wall Street, and all sorts of nobodies get the chance to have their meteoric planetary celebrity (as defined by Andy Warhol) in our times,  why would the idea of a Romanian King of British stock sound preposterous?

Not only that the idea itself is not crazier than the mad times we are going through; the sly disseminators and the (maybe not so wise :-) supporters of this political Utopia have many (albeit illusory) arguments to feed the debate.

First and foremost, they invoke Prince Charles’ great fondness for Romania and especially for Transylvania (of which I’ve already written on this blog).

There’s hardly any doubt that His Royal Highness (HRH) is passionate about these lands, although, like it sits well with all blue-blooded characters, he’s interested in a lot of other things (I listed many of his interests in a comment to this post).

He’s a relentless supporter of Romania, and – compared to the image of Romanian political leaders, seen as corrupt, self-interested and rapacious traitors – Prince Charles benefits from a Messianic allure.

What if he could mend the broken political establishment of Romania? Couldn’t HRM put out all petty disputes, call to order the daily ‘political circus’, and unite the catastrophically disuntited and depressively disgruntled Romanians around his throne?

What if he could restore the dignity of a nation so badly seen among the other 26 EU or 27 NATO ‘sisters’?

What if, under his supposedly enlightened reign, Romania could be reunited with (the Republic of) Moldova, in defiance of Russia, our archenemy?

This is what some (I don’t know how many) ‘fans’ of Charles (and of the whole monarchic Utopia) could think, claiming that he deserves to be king more than any of the presidents of Romania had deserved their title.

Reading the (pretty long – thus apparently well documented :-) original article on this ‘Charles III issue’ can be an interesting intelectual experience, offering some valuable insights on how Romanians are.

Maybe only one article (nor the scores of opinion columns about it) couldn’t prove how mad and how feasible this Utopia is. However, given these completely insane times, no one should believe that the unthinkable will forevermore remain impossible.

Anyway, let us always bear in mind a witty bit about Romania (already shared with my Romanian readership) that I have learned in the UK from a keen observer of Romanian realities:

“If rumours and conspiracies could be exported, Romania would be the richest country in the world.”

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