Saturday, 28 January 2012

UK’s motor vanity fair (25) [Bâlciul deşertăciunilor cu motor din UK]

A strange looking car photographed by my reader C.L., I-don’t-know-where in the UK, inside what seemed to be (from other pictures) a sort of exclusive little scrapyard, as it is known in British English.

Or, if any one is more familiarised with the name in American English – a junkyard. A place where a bunch of former fancy cars – spyders (or roadsters by their American name) – had been put to rest (or to rust :-).

This carmine (do I correctly identify the colour, girls?!) car appears to me as one that has once been some mighty ‘king of the roads’, maybe in the 1960s or 1970s. But I’ve got no idea about the brand.

To any reader from anywhere in the world ever landing on this blog page (and being better informed about this car that I am, of course) I can only say: please, share your knowledge with us!

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Anonymous said...

Well, it wasn't a junkyard. It was a place where you could rent a motorhome and in the same time a place to recondition very old cars. Somewhere near London, I do not remember the name ...

Anonymous said...

the blue car was already reconditioned, the red one was ...waiting...

MunteanUK said...

Dear C.L.,

I understand now... you say that it was by no means proper wreck-yard - a 'cemetery' for used vehicles.

Instead, it was rather some kind of 'rehabilitation hospital' for luxury cars.

Anyway, I hope that someone could tell us the car brand...

As for the blue car, I'll try to post pictures of it in this series someday!

Anonymous said...


Cristi said...

I think this is Jaguar e type from 1969.

MunteanUK said...

@ Cristi

It's a nice surprise to get an answer to my question so quickly, especially since it's very likely that you are right.

Now that you've given me a 'clue', I can say that the pictured car certainly looks like a Jaguar E-Type:

But I'm no 'specialist' (like you seem to be :-), so I couldn't say whether it truly is an E-Type from Series 2 (1969-1971), from Series 1 (1961-1968) or from Series 3 (1971-1975).