Sunday, 8 January 2012

[EN] No comment / [RO] Fără comentarii (21) – Fish & chips / Fish & chips

[EN] Three mouth watering versions of fish and chips: [RO] Trei versiuni care îţi lasă gura apă de fish and chips:

[EN] British (pic 1 – Brighton), Belgian (2 – Brussels), and Romanian (3 – Bucharest). [RO] Britanică (poza 1 – Brighton), belgiană (2 – Bruxelles) şi românească (3 – Bucureşti).

[EN] Could anyone guess which I found tastier? [RO] Ar putea cineva să ghicească pe care am găsit-o mai gustoasă?

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Mihai said...

The British version looks most appealing to me, but where's the sauce ???

Marina said...

I would definitely taste the Belgian version. Which one did you like?

MunteanUK said...

Dear Marina & Mihai,

To your surprise (and mine as well at the time when I ate what is shown in the three pics :-), what I liked best was the... Romanian portion!

Indeed, there's no sauce near the British one, and neither any little bowl of peas with the Romanian one, however, I found tastier the latter.

I don't exactly remember why I liked the Romanian portion better and which were the precise 'faults' of the others - they were tasy enough, anyway.

Maybe it was because of what I wrote here...


Irrespective of the taste - all forms of temptation apparently taste well, don't they? - I surely wouldn't recommend eating Fish & Chips on a daily (not even weekly!) basis.

Anyone interested watch this video about how to make Fish and Chips in the original British way:

While fish is healthy, the huge quantities of cooking oil, white flour and salt don't do any good!