Monday, 18 July 2011

[EN] A few wonders from the UK / [RO] Câteva minunăţii din UK (23)

[EN] Almost everywhere in Scotland, anyone must have noticed these bushes. I truly liked them very much.  [RO] Aproape oriunde în Scoţia, oricine trebuie să fi observat aceşte tufşuri. Cu adevărat mi-au plăcut foarte mult.

[EN] To me – one who saw many places in the world and more than a bit of Scotland – they seem typically Scottish. [RO] Pentru mine – unul care a văzut multe locuri din lume şi mai mult de un pic din Scoţia – ele par tipic scoţiene.

[EN] I haven’t seen anywhere else. The problem is that I don’t know how to call them; I didn’t ask when I could :-( [RO] Nu le-am văzut nicăieri altundeva. Problema că nu ştiu cum să le numesc; n-am întrebat când puteam :-(

[EN] Is there any English-speaking reader of MunteanUK who could post a comment with their names? [RO] Există vreun vorbitor de engleză, cititor de MunteanUK, care ar putea să posteze un comentariu cu numele lor?

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Gregor said...

the first is gorse (also furze or whin), one of my favourites. funnily enough its scientific name is 'elix' from ancient Greek but according to my Greek friends it doesn't exist in Greece ;-)

the second is holly, i think.

MunteanUK said...


Thank you for the linguistic help!


According to the names you listed, it must me this plant:

Indee, I didn't notice any similar shrub in Greece either.


As for pictures 3 + 4, do you mean 'holly' as in Holly-wood? :-)

It appears to be a broad term, encompassing some 600 species:

Isn't there another, more specific, word?!