Friday, 21 October 2011

UK’s motor vanity fair (23) [Bâlciul deşertăciunilor cu motor din UK]

Apart from a brief trip to Berlin (some pictures of it on this blog), I didn’t have the chance to know how German cars ‘fit’ into the landscape of German cities.

However, I must say that they surely fit on the streets of an elegant British city like Edinburgh  where I saw hundreds of them and I wish I knew why most were either black or grey?! :-)

While even an iconic brand like the Mini is produced under German management (+ technical leadership, I presume), there’s no doubt that Brits love German cars.

Just like Americans who – irrespective of their patriotism requiring them to give a helping hand to their national car manufactures – keep buying German and Japanese brands.

The same ‘love story’ between motorists and German cars can be witnessed in Eastern Europe, although, with some typically ‘Oriental’ features.

In several countries neighbouring the EU, these cars are stolen from richer countries like some men used to kidnap their wives some no longer than a century or so ago.

Then, most of these cars are second hand vehicles, nevertheless, sometimes considered better than brand new cars like Dacia.

And there’s one more peculiarity of these cars – they are quite often driven by a particularly kind of people, the ‘manelists’, devout listeners of ‘manele’.

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Ana Maria said...

Frumoasa lista de masini ;)

fotograf nunta monica said...

superbe masinile!