Sunday, 11 April 2010

An airplane crash makes the ‘perfect crime’ [O prăbuşire de avion este ‘crima perfectă’]

No matter how impressive thanks to its state-of-the-art craftmanship (not that a Tu-154M would necessarily be so), any airplane is as vulnerable as a sparrow, up high in the sky.

As a matter of fact, the closer to the ground it flies, the more vulnerable such a piece of machinery becomes. Mistakes are unredeemable when the aircraft is only a few dozen meters above the earth than when they happen at higher altitudes.

And the closer any such mistake is made to a Russian military airbase, the sillier of an attitude would be to give the benefit of doubt to the Russians when a crash occurs.

The Russians did it AGAIN”, millions of people in Eastern Europe surely must have said to themselves, seconds after hearing the tragic news from Smolensk. In this part of the world, Mother Russia has earned herself a rarely challenged presumption of guilt.

I personally tried to resist my inner urge to put the blame on the Russians, remembering that Lech Kaczynski had plenty of enemies in the EU, and in his beloved country as well.

In less than 24 hours, the Russians would prove once more that they may be masters of perfect crimes, yet their propagandistic tools are a bit outdated. Maybe they could still fool other parts of the ‘civilised world’, but not Eastern Europe!

The moment when high ranking military officials started spreading the idea of the ‘human error’, the likelihood of not being an error suddenly increased. They could have waited at least 24-48 hours.

After 1-2 days of (feigned) shock & confusion, with the Russians presumably trying their best to solve the mystery – as any aiplane crash remains very difficult to explain! – maybe their story would have been plausible.

Moscow’s eagerness to prove that Kaczynski was as impulsive as Mikheil Saakashvili, and that it’s all the dead mens’ (president + pilot) fault blows up it’s alibi.

The Russians took advantage of Kaczynski’s (typically Polish maybe?!) stubborness to reach Katyn on time, in his terms (let’s not forget that he invited himself!), and of another huge mistake of his (cramming so many top officials in an airplane).

This is how a conspiracy theory could sound, yet none of the above actually ‘incriminates’ Russia. There’s no hard evidence to that, and there will probably never be.

The prime suspects started incriminating themselves when they claimed that the pilot spoke poor Russian. In reality, he was a very good speaker of both Russian & English; moreover, he was familiar with the airfield where he had landed three days before.

Like these images (taken after take-off from Gatwick & while landing at Edinburgh airport) show, any flight is but a fairy tale full of mystery. It’s not human technology & skill that keeps a plane in the air.

It’s entirely God’s will, and He can make technology either work or fail. Yet He never does anything arbitrarily. Mistakes rarely occur out of the blue. They are more often forced by the malevolent will people.

When people interfere with the Lord’s will – like the Perfidious Albion did with Wladyslaw Sikorski’s destiny in 1943 – only He decides to what extent they are allowed to do so.

He respects our free will, and none of us can run away from the consequences of our deeds; if we happen to ‘skip some payments’, our descendants will certainly pay the full cost (and due interest) of everything we did wrong in life.

Kaczynski exposed himself as easy prey for Moscow, so the Poles are now paying a dear price for their exuberant recklessness, as they have done for so many times throughout their history.

Some may be desperate that justice is never being done in this part of Europe, but I am sure there will be a reckoning day for Putin’s Russia as well. As for what’s left of Orthodox Russia, I can only hope it will be saved through fire.

God always brings the truth to light. So was the case with the Katyn massacre of 1940, as well as with the Perfidious Albion’s cover up.

It’s never too late for us to learn some bitter truths. The tragic past of Eastern Europe cannot be ‘mended’, but we should have learned our lesson by now – never to count on the presumption of innocence of any great power.

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Sabin said...

It's obvious that the russians are involved in some way.

Mihai said...

Sabin, how could they not be ?

Bogdan, I would like to congratulate you for this post and for your articles in "Gandul" on this topic. I find those very interesting.

I also want to mention that while I was looking on Gandul's website I saw an article which caught my attention: "Copiii care au furat Luna", by Lelia Munteanu (by the way, is she related to you ?)
I liked that one even more.

MunteanUK said...

@ Mihai

Thanks for your appreciative words, and I'm glad to see that you keep reading my blog!

I tried my best not to say anything like "the Russians CERTAINLY did it," as long as we are all lacking 'hard evidence' for now, however, I hope I could open up people's eyes a bit.

We must all be 'on guard', and very reluctant to accept any prefabricated truths that Moscow (or Brussels, London or Washington alike) are desperate to force down our throats.

I realize pretty well that it may be 'politically INCORRECT' to raise some questions like I do (on my blog or my articles in Gândul), yet I think questions should be raised. least while this is still possible, and there's no planetary Big Brother banning inconvenient blogs or shutting down the WWW altogether.


Indeed, Lelia is a very good writer, who happens to make use of her talent in a newspaper.

But she's not related to me. My surname is only a bit less common than Popescu, Ionescu, Dumitrescu, but still one of the most wide-spread in Romania.

Not so common as Smith, Jones, Williams, Taylor etc in English-speaking countries, but probably as known as Garcia and Rodriguez have become in the USA for the past decades :-)

iulia said...

Interesting article...even reading it now, after more than three years since the crash took place... probably because I was and still am particularly interested in the topics touched above.
I must admit that the thought “The Russians did it again” came to my mind as well, the moment I heard about what happened with the Polish airplane. I must also admit that the doubt is still there, on my mind, even after talking “first hand” to some of my Polish friends about the incident and clearly hearing their “official version of the truth” regarding what happened, in which the majority of the Polish people truly believe, without any doubt: the cause of the drama was a human error of the pilot under the pressure of an impulsive and authoritarian Polish president! Let’s not forget that “the accident” happened right when the Russian authorities announced the Polish leaders, who were ready to commemorate Katyn in 2010 as they were doing for many years now, that they are “prepared” to officially acknowledge the massacre of Katyn and take part in the planned ceremony. And let’s not forget as well that a certain video was available on youtube, but only for couple of days, showing gun shoots and strange human movements in the forest of Smolensk immediately after the plane crashed and before the official helping troops reached the accident’s site…the video was quickly erased/blocked on youtube!!!

A wider view on the topic would take us to a general look at the soviet times, soviet people and their deeds, many of which are still hidden and practically “erased” from history, as communism was never until now judged or condemned by mankind in an official form (as nazism for example was)… moreover communism is praised in all kinds of forms, in so many different parts of the world. However, a little part of the “erased” piece of history was gathered in the following documentary - in English language, with Romanian subtitle - called “The Soviet Story”, which I strongly recommend and consider worth seeing, as it is the result of 10 years of work and research on the topic:

MunteanUK said...

@ iulia

I'm certainly astonished with reading such an extensive comment below this article of mine written over three years ago!

But I'm not surprised to witness that you are sharing my 'conspirationist' view of that tragic event.

Your comment (+ added link) could be of use to anyone else landing on this page in the future.

Although there are many accounts of the incident which can help us get a better perspective of the tragedy, the abundance of online information makes it very hard for most people to find out what truly happened on that fateful day of April 2010.

We are soaking with pieces of information, news, stories, detailed accounts, theories, yet we are unable to know anything.

Anyway, the ultimate truth is in the Lord's hands only...