Thursday, 28 August 2008

About public transport in the UK (5) [Despre transportul în comun în UK]

For anyone who might have thought that I was just writing crap in the first episode of this series, here’s a photographed hint about how dangerous it could be not to listen to the advice given on the walls of mosts buses in the UK.

At least in this little aspect, I can only completely agree with Big Brother when he says: For your safety, please do not stand on the upper deck or stairs.

Honestly, it’s not worth not taking my advice and trying to keep one’s balance without using one’s hands.

And beware: sometimes one hand simply won’t be enough not to fall like a fool, especially when the bus turns or stops suddenly!

These stairs are too steep, too narrow and too bent to imagine one could comfortably ride the bus while standing relaxed (?!) on them.

When you hold heavy shopping bags, have a loaded backpack, while paying more attention to your photocamera (as any photoholic :-) than to anything else – that’s a sure recipe for disaster :-(

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Mihai Gociu said...

These stairs can indeed be dangerous. I remember they had similar stairs on the ship my dad used to work. He would always warn me about those stairs so I remembered his advice when being in a bus in UK.

It would be, however, somehow interesting to try and keep one's balance on those stairs, while the buss makes sudden turns and stops. Something like a rodeo, only just a bit less dangerous :-) .

MunteanUK said...

That's a pretty good comparison between the stairs connecting the lower to the upper 'deck' of a double-decker bus and the stairs that can be found on a ship!

Losing one's balance on those stairs is very likely and can occur suddenly, in a matter of seconds, catching unsuspecting passengers by surprise.