Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Into a fairytale realm of wooden toys [Într-un tărâm de basm al jucăriilor din lemn]

In the first day of the summer, I was writing about the death throes of the Eurozone, and I fear this dismal topic will be recurrent in the following months.

An insane autumn, at least as frenzied as the one of 2008, is awaiting us – there are fewer and fewer doubts about it :-(

Today, in the last day of 2011’s summer, “let’s get away, just for one day,” like a dear song of Depeche Mode invites us, into a a fairytale realm of wooden toys.

This is a series of photos, that the photoholic I took during my second raid into Scotland’s heartland.

The fact that I was in a store in Inverness, waiting for a 12-hour night bus journey to London, is the only connection with Scotland or Great Britain.

These lovely toys were – as I thought when I was a child, that the world’s best toys come from there :-) – made in Germany.

I couldn’t help taking pictures, because, apart from being a such a photoholic, I guess I’ve never grew out of love with toys.

Some blog posts (here + here) have already proven it, while unknown to most people visiting MunteanUK, I hold a collection of diecast military vehicles.

At 19, I was no longer a child when I started collecting, and there was a time when I even wanted to start up a website (like this one) about diecast toys.

Eventually, my passion waned, although it never become extinct; it’s somehow always with me, without being a compulsion.

In the meantime, wherever I find a toy store – be it a ‘megastore’ in London or a little shop in a Romanian provincial town – I enter.

So I did in Inverness, where I found these toys, theoretically destined to smaller (age 3 to 10 I guess) kids… Yet some children are ageless, aren’t they?

Some grown-ups may like playing cards or playing video games, and could end up being addicted to those activities; I never stopped liking ‘old fashioned’ toys.

No electronic gadget, nor other sophisticated devices could ever leave me mesmerized as simple toys could…

Even simplistic wooden toys like these can be likeable for me, so maybe this photoholic blog post could be a little emotional haven for others as well.

However, let us not forget that no fairytale refuge, nor other illusions we may cling on to but only faith in the Lord could help us through hard times!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, its lovely! :))) Thanks for the nice pics...I am already melancholic!!!

Anonymous said...

super, superb

Mihai said...

The pictures are lovely indeed ! And the fact that the toys are made of wood makes me like them even more.

The wooden stronghold looks particularly nice. As a child, I would have had allot of fun playing with it.

The wooden railway is also very interesting.

Did you buy anything from the store ? :-)

Are we going to see your collection of military vehicles on this blog ? :-)

MunteanUK said...

@ everyone

I was sure that at least my constant readers (thankfully also others who usually don't post comments) will enjoy these pictures.


@ Mihai

As I complained at the end of this post...

...I was truly overloaded with luggage, after having already sent home 6 kg of souvenirs by Royal Mail + other 10 kg by a bus from Brussels.

I couldn't buy much, apart from a bunch of wooden ladybird stickers like these:


In regards to my dear collection of diecast military vehicles, I guess that I haven't made up my mind yet.

Nevertheless, if I have given up the idea of setting up a blog dedicated to such a trivial issue, I don't completely reject the idea of posting a special post on this topic one day :-)

Anonymous said...

Tare faine-s jucăriile din lemn:)

Playmobil said...

Great set of wooden toys! It gives the children the feeling of inside a fantasy land. Very colorful and realistic.