Thursday, 16 June 2011

UK’s motor vanity fair (22) [Bâlciul deşertăciunilor cu motor din UK]

It goes well with exclusive golf courses, with luxurious mansions, with holding stocks or a top management position in the banking industry, with nobiliary titles and generally with a “I-am-not-an-ordinary-mortal” attitude.

It’s… Aston Martin, the oldest sports car maker (1914). Another iconic brand of the UK, produced in Gaydon, Warwickshire (West Midlands, England).

Only 5,000 such vehicles were sold in the world in 2010 (down from a peak of 7,300 cars in 2007) yet, despite problems of other British car manufacturers and the entire global automotive industry, the company is thriving.

As the economic crisis makes billions of people poorer, the few prospective buyers get richer, so that Aston Martin expects that 25% of its sales will come from Asia by 2016.

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