Wednesday, 18 May 2011

[EN] No comment / [RO] Fără comentarii (9)

[EN] I didn’t think such ‘old fashioned’ (?!) icrecream vans still exist in the UK.  [RO] Nu credeam că astfel de dubiţe de îngheţată demodate’ (?!) există încă UK.

[EN] I hadn’t see any. I only knew that the Brits really have no problem with eating icecream in winter[RO] Nu văzusem niciuna. Ştiam doar că britanicii nu au o problemă în a mânca îngheţată iarna.
[EN] The image was taken in Feb 2011, in Liverpool – another piece of evidence that rainy days are not taken too seriously in the UK. [RO] Imaginea a fost făcută în Feb 2011, în Liverpool – altă dovadă că zilele ploaioase nu sunt luate prea în serios în UK.

[EN] I would have said that selling icecream like this today is something almost exclusively Italian; well, it isn’t. [RO] Aş fi zis că a vinde astfel îngheţata azi este ceva aproape exclusiv italian; ei bine, nu este.
[EN] But that was before my reader Mihai Gociu sent me the first pic, to which I add one from Rome. [RO] Dar asta era până ce cititorul meu Mihai Gociu mi-a trimis poza de mai sus, la care adaug una de la Roma.

[EN] Too bad the Nanny State seems determined to uproot the habit. [RO] Păcat că Statul Dădacă pare hotărât să dezrădăcineze obiceiul.

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Mihai said...

I was amazed to see a couple of children of around 7 years of age eating ice-cream during winter time.

And what surprised me even more was that they were doing it right under their mother's eyes, who bought them the ice-cream. Very big difference compared to my own mother (and many other moms here in Romania), who was firmly convinced that ice-cream during any time of the year that is not July or August can totally and irremediably compromise her children's health :-) .

MunteanUK said...

Dear Mihai,

It seems that, as I noted here... didn't take you much to see that the Brits have a completely different aproach to 'cold weather' than Romanians.


Although the British Nany State appears to be at war with ice cream vans (see the last link in my article!), people (and especially children, obviously) love them.

Generally speaking, I've seen quite a few outlets selling ice cream an people eating it in wintertime, very much unlike what happens in Romania.


As for the relationship Britons have with cold weather & rain, I guess the topic is worth an entirely new blog post!

For instance, Romanians are paranoid about the draught = 'a current of air, esp one intruding into an enclosed space' :-(

I don't think draught is such a 'big issue' in such a windy country like Britain, especially Scotland.