Friday, 20 May 2011

God’s place in a humanist society (16) [Locul lui Dumnezeu într-o societate umanistă]

Let’s assume that Stephen Hawking were right: there is no God, no afterlife, no Heaven :-(

Then, why would some British youngsters be searching for a meaning beyond the utter meaninglessness of ‘modern life’ and its array of dead-end choices?

Why would university walls and shop windows – from East Sussex to Fife, and farther north, to the Scottish Highlands, according to what I saw and photographed – be full of posters like these ones...

....advertising religions that promise meditation, peace, wisdom,  introspection, vision, illumination, self-discovery, fulfillment?!?!?!

Most secular Brits appear to have ceased thinking of any metaphysical dimension of life. 

As Pavlov’s dogs, they are being conditioned to judge that “(any) religion = (mostly) bad”, thus they frown upon any religious weirdos (like me :-).

Nevertheless, some are seaching for something that makes sense in a world deprived of a spiritual perspective of daily reality. 

They are yearning for their Maker, for God – exactly for the One Who was turned into a ‘bad character’ in contemporary political correct societies.

If this ‘science guru’ was right, then all his compatriots soaking with consumerism, hedonism, binge drinking and promiscuity would be right to take that self-destructive path in life.  

The silly ones would be those looking for meanings, including Hawking, wouldnt they?

Science, among everything else, would remain altogether futile.  “Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die” – that would make a perfect philosophy.   

Attempting to explain the Universe, as a ‘science ayatollah’ like Hawking does, would be equally meaningless.

The Lord may find a way to the hearts of those genuinely seeking for Him, even to those who are lured like sheep to a wolfs lair by all these prophets, gurus, visionaries... 

They are but unscrupulous people selling illusions (see these posters!), whose trade is as often morally damaging and socially dangerous as human trafficking is.

On the flip side, it’s most likely that He will never reveal Himself to those who are self-confidently (but utterly unscientifically!) decreeing “Thou don’t exist!”. 

It’s quite a sad character this Hawking, and emblematic for the way Britons claim that they are better off without any concept (at least!) of God.

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