Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Witty bits from what I learned in the UK (17) [Vorbe de duh din ce am învăţat în UK]

Here’s another bit of sad truth, not only about Britain, but concerning any other ‘civilised nation’ in the EU.

I would come across it at HM Treasury, on Horse Guards Road, Westminster, close to Whitehall, the famous London street packed with British government offices running from the UK Parliament to Trafalgar Square.


The following message was written on a wall in the men’s toilet inside the Treasury building:

Are you water wise? In the UK, every person uses on average 155 liters of water a day, compared to developing countries that only use 20 liters.

Do such wise people, as I assume those working for Her Majesty’s Treasury are, need such pieces of advice that the photoholic I couldn’t miss?

And if even they are ‘water unwise’ what about the rest of us?! I wonder who truly understands that these ‘little mistakes’ we make, such as leaving the tap running for a minutes at a time, are costlier than our ‘carbon footprint’.


It is it pretty hypocritical that people everywhere are concerned with global problems, yet remain unable to solve ‘little problems’ like saving water.

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