Friday, 18 March 2011

God’s place in a humanist society (15) [Locul lui Dumnezeu într-o societate umanistă]

As the Perfidious Albion is about to join France, the USA & other more or less reluctant ‘allies’ in bombing Libya, the invoked cause of war is – time and again! – the need to provide the ‘security’ of the Libyan people.

If only things were as easy as the slogan “Bomb the tyrant, liberate the people!” (often used by leaders of the ‘free world’) goes! As a matter of fact, the elusive (and quite improbable for now) ‘liberation’ could only bring more misery for the Libyans.

It’s so sad to witness that Libyans are such misfortunate human beings who can only be liberated by bombs, and whose security can only be provided by destruction brought upon their country…

Is it because they happen to have a religious faith? That is they are ‘enslaved by faith’, as humanists could put it… Oh, it would have been so easy to offer them more ‘security’ to them, had they been a secular country!

More CCTV means more security for you! – Britain’s Big Brother says on posters that passers-by can’t miss, and he is as hypocritical as the self-proclaimed Brother Leader in Tripoli.

Any Big Brother – in the UK or any other civilised nation for that matter – promising a ‘free’ and ‘secure’ world without its Maker is as mad as the Brother Leader of the al-Jamahiriya.

Any God-less society could one day be what Libya is today, a land where the will of one man is done. Sooner or later, people are bound to look for a ‘saviour’ who would drag them out of the abyss where irreligiousness took them.

Yet there is only One true Saviour – all other fake saviours (including the so far benign Barack Obama who surfed a tsunami of Obamania in 2008) have only brought disasters after disasters upon mankind. Unfortunately, they will keep doing so till the end of times...

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