Thursday, 5 August 2010

God’s place in a humanist society (10) [Locul lui Dumnezeu într-o societate umanistă]

Contemporary God-less societies in this secular EU stubbornly reject what was obvious to their forefathers maybe less than 100-130 years ago – that our ‘civilisation’ is inherently tied to the birth of Christianity.

We open the mobile phone (I wanted to say the morning paper :-), and read the year we’re in: 2010. That is 2,010 years after the birth of Jesus Christ, Whose Transfiguration (one of the clearest certifications of His being the Son of God) is celebrated tomorrow.

At the dawn of the 20th century, even in the UK – albeit in a rather diluted form, because of so many Protestant beliefs stepping astray from the Truth – I think that most people acknowledged that Christ was somehow fundamental for their world.

Maybe even some 20-30 years ago, He may have been already the Ignored One – invoked when one is astonished, shocked or suffering a little physical pain – yet He was there.

No laws, traditions, customs, formal or informal regulations, aspirations, moral values, likes and dislikes wouldn’t have made sense without Him. Although the British society was no longer Christocentric, people couldn’t just scrap Him.

Sadly, I feel that these days they just want to take Him out of everything. Out of everything His, as the world itself is kept alive by His interceding with the Father.

Over the past centuries, He was gradualy banished from the British culture. Today, countless pop culture characters are better known than Him, and atheists foolishly rejoice seeing this as His defeat.

On the contrary, I’d say; it’s the defeat of the very society which imagines it is better off without Him. In the absence of the Ignored One, divorces, adulteries, promiscuity, abortions, binge drinking and other ills of civilisation are sky-rocketing.

Any ‘big culture’ developing itself independently, supposedly ‘liberated’ from Him, remains nothing else but a nauseating flea market – a meaningless concoction of humanist values, of satanic ‘I-do-what-I-want’-s guised as forms of cultural diversity.

Blasphemous ‘manifests’ like the one painted above a shop in Brighton are not worse than what He was given ever since He came in this world: suspicion, mockery, rejection, disdain, spits in the face…

Like the Jews 2,000 years ago, these people don’t know Whose face they are slapping. For the past decades, poking fun at the Son of Lord and anything Christian has become ‘trendy’ in today’s civilised UK and EU.

Unlike making fun of Islam’s Prophet, it’s thousand of times ‘safer’ to laugh at Jesus these days. Nevertheless, the more comfortable without Him contemporary societies become, the less safer they will be when the Day of Reckoning will strike.

That’s only a superstition,” would say the same people who consider that the unborn child having a soul is a ‘superstition’ as well. They are the same who say that marriage should not be ‘restricted’ to a man and woman.

They are the ones who desperately need to see Chirst taken out of all His, so that they could proclaim their ‘I-do-what-I-want’-s as values. They are wolves dressed in wolves’ clothing (also known as democracy, liberty, prosperity) who despise the Good Shepherd.

But there is an afterlife (true life, actually), and there will come a Judgement day, I say. Time will tell if those claiming this truth (or absurdity in this hedonist world’s eyes) were right or them – today’s fashionable thinkers.

Those who say that life is just ‘here and now’ have no other evidence than holding on to their ‘I-do-what-I-want’-s. For those of us who trust in Christ, we have His Transfiguration as one of many facts proving that life is more than the ‘here and now’ our egoism would want it to be.

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