Monday, 7 June 2010

The long summer of discontent awaiting us [Lunga vară a nemulţumirilor care ne aşteaptă]

I could hardly imagine that I’d ever use this not-so-pleasant image (taken in Glasgow) on my blog, however, it’s probably the best illustration of the grim future awaiting Britain. And most other nations in the ‘oasis of prosperity’ the EU has been so far.

Like other political leaders in Europe these days, Britain’s Prime Minister warned that “the overall scale of the problem is even worse than we thought,” therefore the Government will have to cut ‘deeper’ the public expenditures.

There’s a £ 156 billion deficit left by New Labour, and the new Executive could only come up with one type of decisions, that “will affect every single person in this country”. If anyone still thought the crisis only happens to others :-(

It’s not a brighter solution than the one envisaged by Romanian’s president Traian Băsescu, however, it’s very likely that nothing else could be done. This may well be the end of the Welfare State, and the failure of a secular civilisation that despises its Christian roots.

Cameron’s promise that the austerity measures will be carried out “in a way that strenghtens and unites the country” doesn’t sound more reassuring that T. Bliar’s fairy tales about the necessity to find Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction.

Hardship and national unity got along well during WWII, as long as the enemy (Nazi Germany) could be equalled to a single despicable character (Adof Hitler). But how could people be convinced to stand united against the ‘deficit’?

Who could understand that it’s worth making sacrifices for the sake or ‘reducing the level of debt’? Who will ever feel that there’s a common guilt (therefore a common responsibility), when politicians were those decided how and when to spend money?

Will any of the spending cuts striken Brits understand that the Fool’s paradise is over? The promise of happiness ‘here and now’ (in this passing life) was a hoax, and instead of the world becoming more and more ‘prosperous’, it will turn into an ever dreadful place.
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