Sunday, 17 January 2010

UK’s motor vanity fair (14) [Bâlciul deşertăciunilor cu motor din UK]

Irrespective of the fact that silly I don’t remember having noticed at least one Mini in the USA, the BMW-owned brand has some really good news at the beginning of this year – the US is now Mini’s best market, as the Americans have fallen in love with it.

After a year (and how many more to come?!) with bad news for the auto industry, the fact that there were 45,000 Minis sold in the US in 2009 is really amazing. Only 39,000 were sold in the UK.

Is this offering evidence that Americans are probably fed-up with American cars and not with cars in general?! Given the huge distances one has to go through even for shopping or commuting, you can’t be ‘anti-motor’ in America.

But you could get tired with the lack of imagination of the Big Three, and the Mini possibly fulfills a need for another perspective. A car mustn’t look like a typical American car in order to be a good car.

I could hardly believe that, thoughout such a bad year as 2009 has been for the whole automotive industry, mere marketing tricks could have contributed to the Mini’s success in America.

Americans probably bowed to German quality just like the Brits did: uncompromised quality, not deprived of creativity. Don’t these Mini Crossover and Mini Beachcomber look very promising?

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