Thursday, 12 November 2009

UK’s motor vanity fair (12) [Bâlciul deşertăciunilor cu motor din UK]

Although I didn’t like the ‘looks’ of this brand, I couldn’t help noticing quite a few Saab cars, as I was strolling on the streets of Edinburgh.

I couldn’t tell why (I’ve got only ‘aesthetical’ reasons), but I simply find those cars to be some of the ‘ugliest’ in the world.

As always – since there are plenty of jazz and balet fans in the world, why couldn’t there be Saab lovers?! – my opinion could be challenged by the 4,500 members of this Saab Owners Club.

This surely doesn’t look like a car club ‘for the masses’, but rather like some kind of an ‘elite club’.

Not the best of advocates I could invoke, but statistics prove that my dislike is by no means exceptional. Vehicles of this Swedish manufacturer (owned by General Motors) make up only 0,658% of the car park of Britain – some 250,000 cars.

This unofficial history of Saab states that it is one of the quirkiest brands in the world. So be it, but then it seems people tend to buy less and less innovative (weird?!) products in times of crisis.

In spite of the overall car sales in the UK being up 30% in October, Saab sales plummeted by 66.8%.

Results are equally bad elsewhere in Europe, and in the USA as well, therefore the only surprise to me is how some car producers can still survive, after a year of appalling results…

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