Monday, 6 February 2012

Wind farms trigger ‘bad’ climate changes [Fermele eoline declanşează ‘rele’ schimbări climatice]

While the fourth consecutive harsh winter is wreaking havoc throughout Europe, some bad news from across the Atlantic come to debunk the myth of a highly esteemed ‘green champion’ supposedly fighting climate change.

Apparently ‘risk-free’ (clean and renewable) windpower is not benign for the environment, as wind farms are likely to trigger harmful climate changes!!!

Daytimes temperatures around land-based wind farms can fall as much as 4 (four) degrees Celsius, while at night temperatures can increase, shows a study conducted at the University of Illinois.

A 1 (one) degrees Celsius increase of temperatures in regions with large numbers of wind turbines could be expected by 2100, another study (from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology) claims.  

Although these effects have so far been measured in farms in California and Iowa, it’s not unlikely that similar results would be recorded in the UK or anywhere else for that matter, such as Germany or Tulcea county (TL) in easthern Romania.

Some praise their elegant appearance (which is obvious especially when they are compared to the ugly oil wells), other have been mocking them as unnatural monstrosities which scar beautiful landscapes.

Irrespective of our aesthetic likes (I’m rather charmed by their gracious ‘looks’ :-) or dislikes, wind turbines may not be as harmless as they have been praised by global warming (GW) ideologues.

Not only that they posing dangers to birds but they are also prone to accidents, as they lack durability and reliability.

Another often ignored worrisome aspect is the effect of their inaudible (but perceptible) vibrations on human beings (+ here).

Those living too close to wind turbines could be risking heart disease, tinnitus, vertigo, panic attack, headaches and insomnia, a pediatrician from New York City believes.

However, there are already and there will always be other scientists claiming the exact opposite – that wind farms are not significantly dangerous to birds, neither to humans.

Who are we to believe? Those eager to draw conclusions which are more convenient to the official anti-GW agenda? Or those others ‘outcasts’ who say that there are dangers were the political establishment sees none?

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