Sunday, 2 May 2010

About public transport in the UK (13) [Despre transportul în comun în UK]

Train travel in the UK may not be cheap, nevertheless, the passenger is given a broad range of choices, which could make journeys as cheap as possible.

If you travel outside the ‘rush hours’ of each day, if you pay a return ticket in advance, if you buy a day or week travelcard, if you do this or that… you could end up paying less.

If only you had someone to ask to, and you spoke reasonable English! These are the only preconditions, as train station empolyees are pretty courtenous.

But being good in English is irrelevant when it comes to asking advice from an automaton (1st picture), which doesn’t know anything about British civility.

All you are given are ‘options’ to pick from; yet they are rarely clearly explained. A solution could be trying to read them in French or German, when possible.

The problem is the more rail companies want to save money, the more ‘unmanned train stations’ appear in the UK, and you can only practice your English with these machines :-(

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