Sunday, 13 September 2009

God’s place in a humanist society (6) [Locul lui Dumnezeu într-o societate umanistă]

Here’s an interesting observation that I made during my wonderful stay in the UK, when my wallet was filled up with British pounds, not with bills of the Romanian Leu.

This 10 pound banknote (anyone interested – click here for a larger image) illustrates how torn apart today’s irreligious (and once Christian) Britain has become.

It’s a country with such a fascinating history, built up on Christian values which it stubbornly rejects these days – and this time it’s not I, the unworthy blogger, making such a remark this time, but an Anglican Bishop!

On the recto – (shown in an outdated image, as it is so common for monarchs, isn’t it?) the Queen who, among many titles, bears the one of Defender of the Faith, whilst she is also the formal head (Supreme Governor) of the Church of England

On the verso – (someone who looks like) a grumpy old man, the forefather of the gods of our times (scientists, researchers, experts etc about whom I wrote before), the one whose theory is now an idol throughout the self-proclaimed civilised (?!) world

The ‘defender’ and the ‘breaker’ of the faith on the same bill! Is it mere coincidence that they meet on a banknote? By no means, I tend to believe…

…especially if we were to take into consideration a Romanian proverb (I’m looking forward for anyone suggesting a British equivalent!) stating that money is the devil’s eye.

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Anonymous said...

Ciudata "coincidenta"...

Gregor said...

Dear Bogdan

I am just back from Edinburgh. I never noticed consciously that Darwin was on the notes; of course I did notice, but was just so used to it, I never thought of why he merited a place there.

On five pound notes there is a very sinister (and I would imagine Masonic) sign of a pair of scissors behind the Queen's head.

MunteanUK said...

@ Gregor

Well, my friend, I guess you also didn't notice this little peculiarity because there are so many Scottish banknotes in Scotland. Is Darwin of any of those as well?

As long as the UK is (still - but for how long?!) a unitary state, not even a federation, the Scottish bills are a bit of a 'shock' for any foreigner.

I've been thinking about a blog post on this topic ever since I set foot in Scotland. God willing, I will write it (and add pictures of course!), but in my series in Romanian - 'Things like these, only at the Brits'. You imagine that this is an aspect worth sharing with Romanians, not with my British readers :-)

Anyway, can you think of a British equivalent to the Romanian proverb that I mentioned above?

Gregor said...

Hi Bogdan

'Anyway, can you think of a British equivalent to the Romanian proverb that I mentioned above?'

No: I think Brits have long come to love money more than their neighbours :-(

MunteanUK said...

@ Gregor

I don't want to shatter any illusions you could have about Romanians...

Yet I must tell you that - in spite of this proverb, dating from times when we were a nation of church-goers, not only namely 'Orthodox' - Romanians do show 'sympathy for the devil in they wallets/pockets' just like the Brits or other 'secular' nations :-(

At least you have 'excuses': a millenium of heresy, the Industrial Revolution, a long history of spoliation in the time of the Empire, and consumerism in the recent decades...

For Romanians, 45 years of Communism + the subsequent 20 years of savage Capitalism seem to have brought the same results like in the UK :-(

Nevertheless, let us keep faith that there is hope for ALL human beings, as we are all called by Christs!

I'm rather skeptical about the 'destinies of nations' (can mass conversions like in the Middle Ages be possible today?!), but I strongly believe that ANYONE, as an individual, can find the way to Christ, to salvation!