Thursday, 19 March 2009

Witty bits from what I learned in the UK (8) [Vorbe de duh din ce am învăţat în UK]

Apart from interesting things learned as a Chevening Fellow, I guess anyone can imagine that, every now and then, it was impossibe to avoid the ‘collision’ with some ‘blah-blah-blah concepts’ that contemporary political wooden language uses. During one of our study day-trips (I don’t know how to describe them better) to London, such a term was employability.

It could be defined as “the means by which individuals can cope with changing employment conditions, organisations can maintain their ability to adapt and succeed and the nation can enhance its competitiveness” – classical EU (it’s not a term coined by the New Labour!) nonsense, isn’t it?

To put it as sinthetically as I can, it’s all about helping personal development of people, so that they could have better chances on the labour market. I think it’s complete rubbish, as everything is focused almost exclusively on turning people into more efficient pieces of machinery, and becoming robotic enough not to suffer when they are fired or maybe even when they are being exploited.

So much focus on career, efficiency, success, on life-long learning, on proving something, on earning much, and spending twice as much if possible, so that banks could thrive on enslaving people through credit cards!

And all for what? Just for this meaningless ‘here and now,’ for the earthly paradise, which the prosperous British Welfare State (and the EU as a whole) are promising us!

Were the hundred thousands of people flocking to the UK from all over the world to get a job there somehow more employable than their local counterparts? Did the British Government actually do anything to improve the chances of people on the labour market? I rather doubt it…

It was just the booming economy that attracted people, and now – as the real estate and financial bubble deflates – it’s the ugly economic perspective in this country that is slowly driving immigrants away from the UK…

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Gregory said...

Dear Bogdan

Thank you for the photos. I am at Edinburgh, so do not have long to write. But I noticed this news item that was interesting:

It is very rarely that a democratic government acts in such a creepy way it makes ours look good, but that seems to be the case here.

The Canadians don't like George Galloway's politics, so he is banned from their country. I don't like George Galloway's politics either, but for a state to ban someone from entering the country for this reason is very unpleasant. But what makes it worse is that:

'Velshi said Galloway was deemed inadmissible to Canada due to national security concerns'

Yes, 'national security'. He is a real threat to national security for supporting a democratically elected government that the Candadians don't like.

I find the whole 'national security' obsession very unpleasant. I do not know if it is just the sense that our governments want to distract attention from their failings by speaking of 'security' or if they want to see how quickly people will surrender their liberties because some nameless 'threats' to 'national security' will attack us.

The ironic thing is that George Galloway is (to me) very unpleasant because he praised Stalin and the Soviet Union. Yet the Canadians don't mention this. It is because he supports an Islamist government that he is denied entrance to Canada. Presumably he is not banned for his pro-Soviet attitudes because like Stalin the 'western' nations want to give people an earthly paradise where 'national security threats' are done away with by as loving paternalistic government.

Let's just pray that our people realise that those who proimise us earthly safety only offer earthly and spiritual perdition.

With prayers and best wishes

MunteanUK said...

Well, my dear Gregor, don't be so angry with what the Canadians did against Mr Galloway, as your own Big Brother treats foreign politicians in a similar way...

...this is how 'democracy' works, we shouldn't be surprised anymore :-(

You are right that there are many similarities between the Soviet 'workers' paradise' and the politically correct 'Occidental paradise'. Basically, the enemy of our salvation has the same goal, although it applied different strategies in achieving it!