Tuesday, 11 November 2008

About public transport in the UK (6) [Despre transportul în comun în UK]

The promise made in the first image (taken somewhere in the NW outskirts of Edinburgh) – Beat the traffic, take the bus – is generally kept thoughout the few UK cities I’ve been to.

There’s no doubt that one is better off travelling by bus than by personal car, both from a financial perspective, and form a practical point of view – you can reach your destination faster, in a relatively comfortable manner, and you’re spared of the fuss concerning the need to find parking space for your car.

How come the Brits can keep this promise? Well, I don’t think this has something to do exclusively with law enforcement, but with the fact that – as far as I could tell (again, I may be wrong in my assumptions and observations) – British motorists are law-abbiding citizens. Whether education keeps the traffic in good order or Big Brother’s watchful electronic eyes – I couldn’t tell…

But there’s no way I could have missed noticing that drivers in this country generally respect the ‘sanctity’ of the bus lanes in a way most Romanian motorists don’t.

As a matter of fact, yielding to buses seems to be so much an ‘acquired behaviour’ in the UK, that a Romanian working in London (and one in a relatively high position, which I choose not to disclose; he was by no means an illegal immigrant) was complaining to me of how ‘silly’ the British motorists could be, for ‘queueing’ always on the busiest lanes, and not on the ‘free one’…

It’s only natural that the free one should be kept so for buses – but this is something Romanians are very slow to understand, aren’t they?

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Un roman in Canada said...

Save the traffic, take the bus isn't a good idea here in Toronto. And this is because the TTC is very very bad. Unfortunately. So, I guess you're lucky.

MunteanUK said...

I haven't been to Canada, but I assume that, given the huge distances in America, plus number of personal cars owned by the people, public transport is not as good as in the UK or other European countries.

Although Northern America has its charm (in my view - other people hate it :), public transport there is not one of the best things in that part of the world.

Moreover, a city for motor-bikers (like Athens, Thessaloniki, Rome) or for cyclists (like Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Strasbourg) seems something 'unconceivable' in America.

Anonymous said...

I say again it is about respect - first, civilization - second, and then...Big Brother....
I'm sure about this (because these things happend even before ...Big brother)