Monday, 3 December 2012

A man and his shadow [Un om şi umbra lui]

A typical posture for an old man in Romania: a shepherd, peasant (or even any retiree’) – often portrayed as such in literary works, paintings and films.

Either pictured today, a hundred or a thousand years ago, there’s something eternally Romanian about this man.

Thoughtful, humble, tired. Even without being aware of it, he looks like standing at the gates of afterlife, after too many burdensome years of life.

The picture was taken on an autumn afternoon, somewhere in Braşov county 
(BV), at the foothills of Făgăraş Mountains.

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Anonymous said...

The photo is representative for Romanians (i mean for the old people living in the country). interesting!

Mariana said...

Frumos surprins! :)