Friday, 14 December 2012

The end of toys?! [Sfârşitul jucăriilor?!]

Among so many ‘blessings’ of contemporary civilisation, one is the steady suprimation of the beautiful toys of yore.

Children are pushed into a forever incomplete growth, and the toys they wish for are but soulless consumer goods.

They are not the little treasures they once were, cherished along the years and passed on to younger siblings or to grandchildren.

On the one hand, the replacement of healthy toys made of wood or clay with plastic versions (often but not exclusively ‘made in China’), has been taken place for decades.

Who remembers the lovely Matchbox little diecast vehicles ‘made in England’, now found only on eBay, in toy museums or in rare personal collections?

On the other hand, there’s an accelerated process of removing toys altogether from childhood and replacing them with all sorts of gadgets and video games.

Instead of simple instruments for stirring creativity and fostering intelligence, children are taught to yearn for objects that rush them into a false adulthood.

Most fashionable toys of today are devices that need electricity to work. Unplug them, and they’re a bunch of useless electronic junk!

A child can rarely break such gadgets and repair them. All that the brat can to is to cry and drive the parents mad, so that they buy another device of a newer generation.

They also run on softwares that impose prefabricated universes on children and impede their creative thinking.

Inventing new games and putting imagination at work are no longer at hand, as children are mesmerized with gadgets that apparently do everything by themselves.

It’s good to know that at least Lego is not doing too bad… But can the family owned company from Denmark reverse the tide that is taking toys out of childhood?

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