Friday, 30 March 2012

[EN] No comment / [RO] Fără comentarii (26) – Deceptive choices / Alegeri înşelătoare

[EN] In the UK, pedestrians are carefully invited to look left or look right.  [RO] În UK, pietonii sunt invitaţi cu grijă să se uite la stânga sau la dreapta.

[EN] So are citizens and consumers – choices to he left, choices to the right.  [RO] Tot aşa sunt cetăţenii şi consumatorii – alegeri la dreapta, alegeri la stânga.

[EN] But what about people? Why isn’t anyone advising Brits to look upwards anymore? [RO] Dar ce-i cu oamenii? De ce nu-i mai sfătuieşte nimeni pe britanici să se uite în sus?

[EN] As long as choices are prefabricated, both left and right equal good = happiness. [RO] Câtă vreme alegerile sunt prefabricate, atât dreapta, cât şi stânga egal bine = fericire.

[EN] Only upwards = bad. It’s pretty Orwellian, isn’t it? [RO] În sus = rău. Destul de orwellian, nu-i aşa?

[EN] And this is not Orwellian  Great Britain, but an Orwellian entire world. [RO] Şi aceasta nu este orwelliana Mare Britanie, ci orwelliana lume întreagă.

[EN] Mankind should be aware of other choices than these horizontal ones. [RO] Omenirea ar trebui să fie conştientă de alte alegeri decât acestea orizontale.

[EN] Salvation doesn’t come from the left, nor the right. Look upwards, beyond what can be seen! [RO] Mântuirea nu vine nici de la stânga, nici de la dreapta. Priviţi în sus, dincolo de cele văzute!

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Mihai said...


I'm happy to see you can write very interesting articles starting from quite ordinary pictures.

Indeed, we have allot of debates nowadays about whether Left (socialists) is better than Right (the neo-cons) - or viceversa, about what kind of political and economic system will save us from a grim future.

Despite the experiences of the past century, people seem to forget very quickly that any system which promises a perfect society, a heaven on earth, ends up by creating a living hell.

MunteanUK said...

Dear Mihai,

[1] First of all - since I omitted to do it in my article - I should give you the due credit for the two pics that you took in Liverpool.


[2] Secondly, I'm pleased to see you returning to comment on my blog and finding interesting even such a little article.


[3] To your (or anyone else's for that matter) surprise, I must say tnat I didn't specifically have in mind the choices between the political Right and politica Left.

My considerations went beyond political choices. These days we are overwhelmed with 'options' from all points of view, in all spheres of human activity, but what I wanted to emphasize is the fact that none are real choices.

The offer (from products to ideas) is so abundant and the pace of our daily lives is so rapid, that we can't actually afford to 'think' or to 'weight' any choicces.

We just rush to pick what we are served or, rather, what is pushed right under our eyes.

These 'choices' are so ovewhelming and so apparently diverse, that we can't mentally 'process' them correctly.

Thus, we end up ingurgitating all kinds of 'choices' that have been 'precooked' by others.


[4] I wouldn't like my article to be interpreted as a "don't vote" or "don't get involved" message, but a as mere warning that salvation is politically unattainable.

Not even 'earthly happiness' can be guaranteed by any political system, let alone something more meaningful...

The tragedy is that most people alive today lack any metaphysical perspective on their existence, and their spiritual apathy is worse than political apathy.