Thursday, 24 February 2011

The world is ablaze [Lumea este în flăcări]

Ever since the Wall Street Crisis of September 2008, the word as we knew it up until the mid 2000s turned into an erratic stage on which actors appear to have been messing up the play script.

To some of us, all (or most) elected leaders, autocrats, nations, multinational companies, ‘heroes’ and ‘villains’ alike appear to follow no indication of a director. Their actions seldom make any sense. They seem to act chaotically.

To others, all these characters are actually following scrupulously some precise guidelines, according to what are naively dimissed as ‘conspiracy theories’.

We don’t know who wrote the script, neither can we indentify the director, yet we surely are crazy about this global reality show. And who are we, after all?

Let’s assume that we are the 1,966,514,816 internet users in the world, that is some 28,7% of all people alive today. We’re being served ‘news’ as cattle are fed feed on grass and on other dubious fodder that makes our food so unhealthy.

Of a truth, ‘news’ isn’t as it used to be anymore. Novelties don’t travel across the world in sailing ships, but with the speed of megabytes per second.

Gun barrels are still smoking and bullet wounds still bleeding in Libya (or anywhere else for that matter), yet we have already chewed and spit some ‘news’.

The world is ablaze, and here we are, mesmerised by the flames, enjoying the show. Whether it lasts or not makes no difference to us, as more and more episodes have been stockpilling in our civilisation’s (the one that gave us the internet!) backyard.

We, the ‘civilised ones’, have sown so many toxic seeds, all over the world, throughout the past 200-300 years, that we could reap disasters for centuries to come.

For instance, the USA, the Perfidious Albion & Italy are much guiltier (as accomplices) for the horrors we witness in Libya today than Saddam Hussein was guilty in 2003, when a ‘coalition of the willingstruck him down.

The self-proclaimed ‘King of Kings’ ruling Libya for 41 years was a despicable ‘dictator’ decades ago, yesterday’s eccentric ‘jester’ – received with great honours everywhere, and a friend of T. Bliar – whilst he is now an archenemy of civilisation.

And this time it seems to be for real. There’s no need of a PR campaign to describe him as a monster, no need to invent a ‘threat’ represented by his weapons of mass destruction. His utterly senseless murders did truly happen and keep happening.

Nevertheless, I wonder: who would dare a military intervention, ousting him from the last bunkers and patches of desert where he is still clinging on to power? Is there in preparation any ‘coalition of the willing’ ready to intervene?

Will Barack Obama – a loather of George W. Bush’s ‘war of choice’ in Iraq – choose to fight a war for the sake of all the values himself and America stand for?

Would David Cameron use his overstretched and underfinanced British armed forces in Libya as Winston Churchill did in the early 1940s? Could T. Bliar’ exert some influence on his gone-mad friend, in order to stop the bloodshed?

If not in the name of values, will Obama and Cameron do it for the sake of oil or for saving America’s and Britain’s EU allies from the catastrophic perspective of having a new Somalia right across the Mediterranean Sea?

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MunteanUK said...

Five months after writing this article, and after seeing that nobody was interested in posting comments, I am returning with an 'inconclusive conclusion' :-)

I'm not going to comment on how the Lybian crisis evolved - anyone can find loads of information on the internet, from all perspectives:


I for one don't feel that it's worth posting anything else on this topic.

What's happening in North Africa is but a 'peripheral fire' compared to what could still be awaiting mankind.

The world is still 'ablaze', no doubt about it, yet the 'raging flames' from the beginning of 2011 appear to have changed into embers.

Let's see what the autumn has in store for us!


In the meantime, I came across someone who deals with the Libyan situation better than I'd could have done, therefore I fully recommend the following article.

Nevermind the title ("The Imperialist Partition of Libya")!

It's a very good article: