Monday, 22 December 2008

[EN] Hail to competing sites / [RO] Salutări siteurilor concurente (4)

[EN] This is site about American expats living in the UK has got things that could be added to my opinions (or put against them?!) – that’s real competition, isn’t it? [RO] Acest site despre americani care trăiesc în UK are lucruri care pot fi adăugate opiniilor mele (sau opuse lor?!) – aceasta-i concurenţa adevărată, nu-i aşa?

[EN] The amount of useful information given is amazing, and the few pages I browsed through seemed extremely interesting to me. [RO] Cantitatea de informaţii utile este uimitoare, iar cele câteva pagini răsfoite de mine mi-au părut extrem de interesante.

[EN] More about the differences between American and British English, of which wrotehere, and more typically British stuff (like in my series) – here. [RO] Mai multe despre diferenţele dintre engleza americană şi cea britanică, despre care am scrisaici, şi mai multe chestii tipic britanice (precum în serialul meu) – aici.

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Un roman in Canada said...

Craciun imbelsugat si un an nou plin de lucruri bune!

MunteanUK said...

Thank you, Vic!

All the best to you, and to your family as well - God bless you all!

Your blog is far better than mine, maybe I'll find 'correspondences' between your experiences in Canada, and mine in the UK.

If you find any similarities between life there and the one in the UK, please add your comments to any post that you may find interesting!