Friday, 24 October 2008

[EN] Worth Trying in the UK /[RO] Merită încercat în UK (6)

[EN] Among the things which are the tastier in the UK, I already recommended (full-heartedly!!!) trying some biscuits/cookies. [RO] Între chestiile cele mai gustoase din UK, am recomandat deja (din toată inima!!!) încercarea unor biscuiţi/prăjiturele.

[EN] I guess these are some of my all-time favourite food products, which I first discovered in American TV-series (where children were mad about them), then I tasted them in America, and ultimately fell in love with them in the UK. [RO] Cred că acestea sunt unele dintre alimentele mele preferate, pe care le-am descoperit iniţial în serialele TV americane (unde copiii erau înnebuniţi după ele), apoi le-am gustat în America şi, în final, m-am îndrăgostit de ele în UK.

[EN] And if I were to give a brand, Millie’s Cookies would be the first to mention, not only thanks to their availability, but also because they really taste better than many home-made sweets that I ever tried, let alone other ‘industrial biscuits’. [RO] Şi dacă ar fi să numesc o marcă, Millie’s Cookies ar fi prima de menţiomat, nu numai datorită disponibilităţii lor, dar şi pentru că sunt într-adevăr mai gustoasse decât multe dulciuri de casă gustate, să nu mai zic de alţi ‘biscuiţi industriali’.

[EN] These Millie’s Cookies can be found anywhere in the UK: most train/tube stations, big shopping centers, markets… [RO] Aceste Millie’s Cookies pot fi găsite oriunde în UK: cele mai multe staţii de tren/metrou, mari centre comerciale, pieţe…

[EN] Daily baked, with an appealing marketing strategy (the more you buy, the less you pay per piece)… I really like them. [RO] Coapte zilnic, cu o strategie de marketing atrăgătoare (cu cât cumperi mai multe, cu atât mai puţin plăteşti pentru bucată)… chiar mi-au plăcut.

[EN] So, anyone willing to make me a surprise when coming from the UK, a box of Millie’s Cookies would make a great idea, especially since I’m not fond of useless souvenirs :-) [RO] Aşadar, oricine vrea să-mi facă o surpriză când se întoace din UK, o cutie de Millie’s Cookies ar fi o idee grozavă, mai ales de vreme ce nu-s iubitor de suveniruri inutile :-)

[EN] I don’t have any illusions about these cookies being healthier than other food products – I suppose there’s a lot of ‘standardization’ in obtaining the ingredients and the cooking ‘procedures’. [RO] N-am nicio iluzie că aceste prăjiturele ar fi mai sănătoase decât alte produse alimentare – presupun că este multă ‘standardizare’ în obţinerea ingredientelor şi ‘procedurile’ de gătit.

[EN] However, in my view, they are both 1) very tasty + 2) really able to appease one’s hunger. [RO] Totuşi, în opinia mea, sunt deopotrivă: 1) foarte gustoase + 2) chiar capabile să potolească foamea.

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Anonymous said...

ah, mama! da ce bune sunt... cu ciocolata preferam, sau ciocolata si lapte... bune si alea cu ghimbir.
daca le mai pui si langa un ceai englezesc...
tie care ti-au placut cel mai mult?
si muffins-urile sunt bune, dar mai tare cookies. yammy!

MunteanUK said...

@ C.L.

Finally, I'm delighted to have a 'fan' of cookies (like I am :-) on my blog!!!

They are something I adored about the UK, and I hope to taste again every time I get back there.

I have no particularly favourite one, as long as I liked them all.


What I didn't like that much were muffins :-( Too much bread-like :-(

They were very similar to their French 'sisters' - madeleines - and I clearly didn't like those:

Anonymous said...

it was interesting to eat a muffin backed with pork meat. interesting taste.

MunteanUK said...

@ C.L.

Alright, good for you that you like to subject your taste buds to different experiments!

Generally, I don't say 'no' to trying something new, however, it is very likely that my 'food prejudice' remains unchanged.

I usually don't mix what is supposed to be ' proper food' (meat, fish, vegetables, cheese + all salty & sour things) with what is supposed to be an ingredient of 'dessert' (fruits, chocolate + anything sweet).

Anonymous said...