Tuesday, 30 September 2008

[EN] A few wonders from the UK / [RO] Câteva minunăţii din UK (4)

[EN] I don’t know how pleasant is to live in these red houses, nor how expensive, yet I really find them very nice. And also… so typically British. [RO] Nu ştiu cât de plăcut este să locuieşti în aceste case roşii, nici cât de plăcută, dar le găsesc foarte drăguţe. Şi de asemenea... atât de tipic britanice.

[EN] The pictures in this fourth episode were taken in... [RO] Fotografiile din acest al patrulea episod au fost făcute în... – Hove, Brighton & Hove (East Sussex).

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Gabi said...

hello, prietene...
ce mai faci? sper ca toate sunt asa cum iti doresti...
all the best!

MunteanUK said...

Well, I'm... in Romania... always in a hurry... caught up in a lot of things... in love with someone who loves me as well and for whom I really pray to God to be 'my one and only'... therefore, I'm alright!!!

As for having 'everything as I wish', God forbid! May He protect everyone of that! Nothing ever happens 'as we wish' and that's a good thing, as He always knows better, doesn't He?

But what about my pictures? And what about you?

Mihaela Pana said...

I really like those red houses! Even if others would say they are all the same and this could be boring or unpleasant, I don't think so!
I like their symmetrical position and the feeling of calm and peace they gave me.

PS: Sometimes, things happend as we wish, but only because we are free! Indeed, as Fr. Rafail Noica said "Our will is hell". May God help us always accept His Will in our life!

MunteanUK said...

It seems I am still left with a few readers, am I not? :) And some of 'em are at least partially interested in what I'm posting here.

Indeed, there were lovely houses all over the UK, but I'm hearing from friends in East Sussex that they're awating a real tough time this winter in paying the heating bills :(

Offtopic: This world would be such a lovely place if people understood what Fr. Rafail Noica understood - that the only thing that stands in the way of our happiness is our 'own will'.

May the Lord help all of those who also try to understand this (like you & I ), so that we could help other people understand this ultimate truth. We shouldn't do anything 'by ourselves' in order to be saved, and to find happiness in a meaningful existence; if only we always allowed Him work in our lives, and everything would be alright!!!