Tuesday, 25 September 2012

One of the most shameless consumerist deceits: ‘soft’ drinks [Una dintre cele mai neruşinate înşelăciuni consumiste: băuturile ‘răcoritoare’]

Sold everywhere from the poorest countries in Africa to the richest countries in the EU, these so-called ‘soft’ drinks are nothing but tasty doses of poison.

Why are they called soft? They surely aren’t soft on anyone’s teeth, stomach, liver, pancreas or colon!

If they drank such drinks on a regular basis, even Robocop or Terminator would eventually suffer massive (and possible unrepairable) damage.

Why are they sometimes called refreshing? Who does truly feel refreshed after ingesting so much sweetness?

How healthy is to drink up to 50% of the entire recommended daily amount of sugar in just a portion of 250 ml? And who has had enough after just one portion?

Why do they dare to claim that they quench people’s thrist? I bet I’m not the only one to feel thirstier and thirstier after having a sweet drink?

Maybe drinking them 
is less dangerous (?!) than smoking, but isn’t drinking soft drinks at least equally addictive?

Would the revenue of producers significantly drop if these drinks were as heavily taxed as tobacco products? And would there be health benefits?

Why do all heavy drinkers of these light beverages pretend that they are happier on advertising posters or in video commercials?

At least those who drink alcohol feel a form of elation, don’t they? But who has ever found happiness while gulping down a soda or any (industrial, not home made) juice?

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Pentru o lume mai frumoasa! said...

Din fericire mai exista si oameni constienti dar cei mai multi dintre noi ori se prefac ca nu-i priveste... ori chiar nu le pasa de sanatatea lor. Din experienta mea, aceste bauturi nu fac decat sa-ti mareasca setea...iar pe timp de vara riscul de a avea grave reactii alergice si tot felul de probleme dermatologice. Sanatate!

MunteanUK said...

It's always nice to greet new readers and to witness that they share my views on important topics!

Indeed, these so-called 'soft' drinks are by no means what they promise to be. Instead of being thirst quenchers they are pure thirst aggravators :-(