Monday, 2 July 2012

About public transport in the UK (23) [Despre transportul în comun în UK]

As a foreign observer, I don’t know if going on strike to demand a special Olimpic Games bonus (of £ 500 to £ 700) is reasonable or not, but this is what London bus drivers plan to do.

If you asked a far-from-perfect driver like me, I’d say that all bus drivers are some kind of artists who’d definitely deserve to have their skills and hard work rewarded.

However, thanks to the London Congestion Charge, driving a bus in London seems to be a piece of cake – compared to doing the same thing in Bucharest or, say, anywhere in India.

The only thing that really made the life of british bus drivers harder (in Brighton at least) was the fact that passengers could buy tickets directly from them.

It’s not difficult to imagine what a mess it would be, it tourists from all over the world were able to this during London 2012

How many would carry the right change in their pockets? I’d say that most of them would mostly have 20 GBP banknotes, wouldn’t they?

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