Friday, 17 December 2010

[EN] Grave and unpleasant readings / [RO] Lecturi grave şi neplăcute (7)

[EN] Even if this weren’t the harshest winter in the last 100 years (there have been worse ones) snow (pictured here by my reader C.L.) is wreaking havoc all over the UK – see here, here or here – and winter has struck the country for over two weeks.

[RO] Chiar dacă aceasta n-ar fi cea mai aspră iarnă din ultimii 100 de ani (au fost mai rele) zăpada (pozată aici de cititoarea mea C.L.) creează haos peste tot în UK – vezi aici, aici sau aici – şi iarna a lovit ţara de peste două săptămâni.

[EN] Last winter (2009/2010) and two winters ago (2008/2009), blizzards were ridiculously explained as effects of global warming (see here, here or here). Would the brainwashed ideologues of global warming dare telling the same lies for the third time?

[RO] Iarna trecută (2009/2010) şi acum două ierni (2008/2009), viscolele erau ridicol explicate drept efecte ale încălzirii globale (vezi aici, aici sau aici). Vor îndrăzni ideologii încălzirii globale să spună aceleaşi minciuni pentru a treia oară?


[EN] I wouldn’t be surprised. Ever since what we now call Ancient History, telling a lie over and over again, endlessly, is a psychological weapon. More recently, Communist regimes skilfully used it, and they didn’t even need Facebook or Twitter.


[RO] Nu aş fi surprins. De la ceea ce numim Istorie Antică încoace, a spune o mincină iarăşi şi iarăşi, la nesfârşit, este o armă psihologică. Mai recent, regimurile comuniste au folosit-o cu iscusinţă, şi le nici măcar n-aveau nevoie de Facebook sau Twitter.

[EN] The hypocritical defenders of the planet have many Information Technology tools to rely upon, plus a seamless shamelessness. Yet there are also other perspectives than the ‘official’ lies.


The proposed readings [I will continue to add relevant links to this list, even after publishing this post]...


...filled up with seeds of doubt concerning this mischievous ideology are: here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here or here.

[RO] Ipocriţii apărători ai planetei au o multe instrumente de Tehnologia Informaţiei pe care să se bazeze, plus o neruşinare fără margini. Dar sunt şi alte perspective decât minciunile oficiale’.


Lecturile propuse [voi continua să adaug linkuri relevante la această listă chiar şi după publicarea acestei postări]...


... pline cu semninţe de îndoială asupra acestei ideologii malefice sunt: aici, aici, aici, aici, aici, aici, aici, aici, aici, aici, aici, aici, aici, aici, aici, aici, aici, aici, aici, aici, aici, aici, aici, aici, aici, aici, aici, aici, aici, aici, aici sau aici.

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Mihai said...

The explanations that the ideologues of global warming are throwing at us are indeed ridiculous.

It seems that the Global Warming has become for climatology what the Theory of Everything should be for physics: a theory that can explain everything.

The average temperature of the Earth could increase or decrease, the oceans could boil or freeze, the ice cap could melt or grow to cover half the Earth's surface, the most exotic equatorial plants could grow in Scandinavia, polar bears could live in the Hawaii and it would still be due to Global Warming. Yes sir, Global Warming could explain all of that. And no doubt, such things can beware the Global Warming.

MunteanUK said...

Of course, it's Global Warming's undisputed (for brainwashed ideologues) fault once more...

What else could we expect as 'scientific' explanations?! See some of the latest examples that I've found since the beginning of the current Big Freeze in Britain:



Nevertheless, I witness that it's getting harder & harder to sell this crap to people:


But I wonder if common sense opinions count anymore...

Something that has been inherently 'scientific' for the past centuries - to DOUBT - all theories is now 'unscientifically' rejected.

Nobody should doubt the so-called 'consensus' on GW, and the fact that it is man-made, the ideologues are shouting at us.

It's exactly like the Communist ideologues were telling us that Marxism-Leninism is some kind of 'ultimate truth' that explains everything about anything.


Let us not forget how humbly Jesus entered this world, as a little baby, how He later avoided making miracles and being praised for them... and how true is His TRUTH... unlike the prefabricated truths forced down our throats!

All these people who 'dictate' what the truth is - in this case a presumed 'scientific' truth - are very far away from any lesser (everyday life) truths, let alone from Christ's TRUTH.

MunteanUK said...

A clear 'pro-GW' view on what is to blame for the Big Freeze...

"So it's a transient phenomenon. In the long run, global warming wins out."


But weren't other 'gurus' like these (I mean 'scientists') equally sure about the global cooling in the 1970s?!?!?!?!?!?!

MunteanUK said...

Again, the Big Freeze explained as an effect of the so-called 'North Atlantic Oscillation' (NAO)...

...which, in its turn "in our corner of the world (UK), is likely to carry on determining a lot of the ups and downs on our way to a warmer world."


Given the fact that Darwinism has been alive and kicking for more than a century, maybe this man-made Global Warming theory is here to stay with us for long :-(

Mihai said...

In a hundred years people will probably be able to see that no major climate changes have occurred since the beginning of Global Warming and thus the theory is not true.

But what will happen until then ? Maybe their agenda with Global Warming only concerns the next ten or twenty years and if they don't manage to get what they want from it, the theory will just be dropped.

Or are they planning to stick to this lie for more than just a few decades ? And what will they say after a hundred years ? That what we experienced in the past century (nothing out of the ordinary) is just the calm before the storm ? But will there still be people who buy this crap ?

MunteanUK said...

Merry Christmas, Mihai, and may you have a blessed 2011!

Since I don't know you personally, I didn't dare to call you a 'fan', yet this Christmas dedication...

...would suit you, as a constant reader and contributor with interesting comments, as it suits my two 'fans', one of whom never psots comments :-)


Regarding your point, I think that, for the time being, the race between the 'GW ideologues' and the much loathed 'GW deniers' (beware: you & I are some of those! :-) is too close to call.

As long as this ideology is officially embraced by the current administration in the White House, the EU, the Pope in Rome, and the Patriarch in Constantinople, the first definitely have the upper hand.

The latter are undoubtedly a minority, which grew more visible thanks to three (maybe there are more) aspects:

1) Climategate

2) The failure of Copenhagen Summit (2009), and the barely relevant Cancun Summit (2010)

3) The three consecutive (2008/2009, 2009/2010 & 2010/2011) bitter winters in the Northern Hemisphere.

However, these temporary set-backs of the 'GW lobby' are far from being an outright defeat of the theory, which remains very popular with leftists & atheists worldwide.


I don't know what will happen next on this 'ideological' battlefront, and I am sure that many things are up to the Lord, not just to the people.

Our sins and prayers can shift the balance one way or the other, but we shouldn't forget that history is ultimately in His hands, not ours.

Therefore, I really don't know what will happen. On the one hand, there are similar theories that have been dropped (global cooling, for instance).

On the other hand though, there are also quite a few poisoned fruits of human thought that are still popular, in spite of being HUGE LIES: Darwinism, Communism, Big Bang, the overpopulation myth...

And don't imagine people will not bite the bullet anymore! The craziest of ideas have always found supporters thoughout history.

Mihai said...

Merry Christmas to you too, Bogdan, and God bless us all !

Maybe we will meet in person sometime. It has been a real pleasure for me to discover parts of UK through your blog.

Coincidence or not, my older brother has recently moved to UK (a few months ago) and he is now living in Birmingham. Among the gifts he brought to us for Christmas were the Millie's Cookies , and I must say these cookies are among the best things I ever tasted (definitely in my top 5).

I will probably go visit him sometimes in February (I will take as many pictures as possible :-)

While there, I hope I will also visit the Stavropegic Monastery of St. John the Baptist.


As a 'GW denier' I will continue to blame the GW lie as often as I can.

History is indeed in God's hands, not ours. However, our sins and good deeds do affect it's course.
Let us hope there are still enough good people left in the world through which God can work in history.

MunteanUK said...

Dear Mihai,

I am glad that you found my blog useful for discovering bits of the UK, and of course that I'm looking forward to meeting any of my readers outside this virtual realm of MunteanUK.

Whether you got those Millie's Cookies before or after reading my praise of them, it's nice to hear that my superlative opinion of them was not disapproved :-)

These cookies + other biscuits (especially those of oats) are only one of the so many 'Good Brit examples' that I wanted to share with my readers.

However, you can be sure that there are also some politically correct idiots keeping this blog under scrutiny, and who only noticed the 'sad truths about the UK'.

There are people enraged when they are told that contraceptives are abortive; that abortion is murder; that there is only One Truth, not many equally legitimate 'branches' of Christianity; that there was no 'swine flu' epidemic, but a mass hysteria, that overpopulation is a myth, that man-made GW is a shameless hoax etc...

Obviously, I am most pleased to discuss with you, who are not one of those :-)


Let's hope you will have nice wheather in February, when you are due to visit Birmingham.

Would you like to share some pictures with us on this blog, like my readers Natalia (from Edinburgh) and C.L. (from somewhere in Romania)?

Also, may you have a blessed time (no matter how short) at the Monastery of St John the Baptist!


We don't know how much time left this world has got, yet we should never lose faith!

The greatest Christian empire (Byzantium) fell in 1453, then even the 'New Rome' (Tsarist Russia) fell in 1917, but the end of the world did not come.

If you asked me, the world should have ended some hundred years ago, maybe even before the so-called 'Age of Enlightenment'. It did not, and this is because of the Divine Liturgy still in existence in the Orthodox Church.

Mihai said...

Dear Bogdan,

I found out about Millie's Cookies on your blog and then asked my brother to bring a box when he comes home for the holidays, so I must thank you for that :-)

I know that February is the month with the worst weather in UK, but I couldn't find a period that would interfere less with my schedule. I just hope the weather won't be too bad.

Certainly, I will share the most interesting pictures with you and the readers of this blog.

MunteanUK said...

It's very funny to witness how our conversation about some 'grave and umpleasant readings' (concerning what a big hoax this GW hysteria is) has turned into a plesant friendly discussion! :-)

If the winter started early in the UK this year (in the last week of November or even earlier), God willing, it should be over by mid-February.

Anyway, "come hell or high water", as the saying goes, I think you will enjoy a little 'taste' of Britain!

Photographs from the UK are always welcome here! If only you knew how many pics I've still got, and would like to post little by little...

Anonymous said...

Mihai,don't be afraid of February. I was in UK and Scotland this year between 30.01-06.02.... If there were - 24 degrees in Romania, in UK the temperature was always between 2-8 degrees, even in the north of Scotland. so ... have a nice trip and enjoy everything you'll see!

Anonymous said...

God bless you, all the readers and especially you Bogdan.
Thank you very much for your posts/blog and everything you do for Orthodoxy.
God bless you everytime and everywhere!

MunteanUK said...

@ C.L.

[1] Of course, Mihai shouldn't worry about the wheather, as I also had a lovely end of February in Scotland (2008)! Generally, no matter how tough British winters are, they can't compare to Eastern European ones.

Nevertheless, let us never forget that weather is entirely in the Lord's hands, and that 'bad weather' (hampering someone's sightseeing) shouldn't necessarily mean very cold temperatures.


[2] I thank you very much for your greetings, and I am sure that they are sincere.

But - please, don't mind my little reproach! - I would appreciate very much if you avoided praising me openly for "everything I do for Orthodoxy", because it makes me feel so 'uncomfortable'.

That's because I really don't do anything for Orthodoxy; it's always us the ones who need to confess our faith; it's not the Lord 'needing' our praise.

Those who are truly 'doing something' are praying for the world, away from people's eyes, somewhere in Ceahlău, Athos or other unknown corners of the world.

Mihai said...

C.L. and Bogdan,

Thanks for the encouragement. It's a relief to find out that "no matter how tough British winters are, they can't compare to Eastern European ones".
Partially, I was aware of that fact, but it is better to hear it from people who have lived for some time in UK.

I don't dislike cold weather but it's the wind I don't like so much. And I've been told there is plenty of that in UK (with the Western Winds blowing in that part of Europe).
Anyway, weather is indeed in Lord's hands so may His will be done.

I will try to absorb as much of the good things as possible. Thank you for your kind thoughts.

MunteanUK said...

Well, my dear Mihai,

As long as you insist on this topic, I can't be dishonest to you and not warn you about the winds in Scotland:

However, don't worry too much!

Birmigham lies in the middle of England, not so close to the coasts, therefore we have reasons to imagine that winds aren't as bad as on seashores! :-)


I must add you have been corectly informed about the winds in Western Europe: they can truly be pretty bad :-(

I personally didn't find those in Britain the worst, but the weather I experienced in La Bretagne, France.

Anyway, aren't you used to windy days? Isn't Constanta windier than many parts of our country, maybe even the windiest city in Romania?

Mihai said...

dear Bogdan,

I think you are right about Constanta. It is probably the windiest city in Romania. And living here reminds me almost every day how much I dislike windy weather.

The summer is probably the only time of the year when I see strong wind as a good thing: it makes the heat (I also hate hot weather and at the same time air conditioning causes me headaches) more bearable; the rest of the time it only gives me headaches (literally).

MunteanUK said...

Dear Mihai,

Maybe it's because I am a 'fan'of Scotland but I hope thatI am really objective on this - I must tell you that the winds in Western France, on the coast of the Atlantic, were far worse Scottish Highlands.

They were also damp, cold, relentless, giving me a running nose all the time, and I heard that many foreign people living there keep experiencing the same problems long after having settled there.

In five days spent in La Bretagne I felt very bad, while throughout my cold-less winter in Britain (Jan to Apr 2008), I haven't been cold even once.

Many people in La Bretagne have coarse voices & red faces, which can be easily explained by the blistering winds.

I wonder what GW could do to them... Would it make the winds milder?! :-)

What about Constanta? Have you noticed any 'changes' due to GW for the past years? :-)


I fully agree that air conditioning is far from being a true 'benefit', although I admit it is very necessary in rooms where computers are working.

Mihai said...

Dear Bogdan,

I have noticed some changes but they tend to contradict GW. The summer is as hot as it has always been, just the winter tends to have more 'violent' snow falls that cause traffic problems.
I don't remember this sort of things happening when I was a child.

I remember the winter of 2008-2009 was a very harsh one. There were massive snow falls at the beginning of January which made city roads look like village streets. I think about 90% of the public transportation was off for a couple of days.

I remember I went out for a walk just to get a better look and what was supposed to be a short walk turned out into a 5 hours adventure: I just couldn't get enough, the sight was just extraordinary.

Seeing how powerless the man really is, how pathetic his efforts (and there was allot of effort trying to get a car out of the snow), was a priceless lesson to me.

Overall, that was a very good winter, at least for me. Many good things happened then, thank God for everyone of them. And this is why I tend to like harsh winters, when boulevards become village roads and cars get stuck in the snow and the traffic is a mess (even if I also have a car, and I have to use it quite often) and all you can do is wait for the weather to get better because any other effort would just be useless.

MunteanUK said...

@ Mihai

You've made a very interesting account of how global warming is (or actually 'IS NOT') affecting Constanta :-)

You seem to be rather singular, as that there are many brainwashed pro-GW ideologues in CT as well.

Some years ago (in 2007 I guess), the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs was suggesting to its EU counterparts the creation of some kind of 'climate institute' in Constanta, which was supposed to evaluate how GW affects the Black Sea region.

Scientists from around the Black Sea were supposed to be invited to this institute (functioning on EU-paid expenses I assume), and thus a pro-GW 'scientific' community in the Black Sea area would have been established.

I don't know what eventually happened to this project... Do you know anything about it?


Regarding the 'unpreparedness' of local authorities, I posted some links here...

...about what happened in Britain.

Anyway, irrespective of the human tendency of looking for someone to put the blame on, I don't think anyone can be prepared for such heavy snowfalls.


Blessed are those who, like you do, realize this:

"Seeing how powerless the man really is, how pathetic his efforts (and there was allot of effort trying to get a car out of the snow), was a priceless lesson to me."

Too bad that many people in this secular world are relying too much on technology, and refuse to see the evidence that the Maker of all things visible and invisible is also 'responsible' for every snowflake that falls on the ground:


See here the last link (English text) that I will also add to the list of 'unpleasant readings' published above:

Mihai said...

I never heard about this 'climate institute' so I don't know if this project was even started. But I suppose not. The winter of 2007-2008 was also quite harsh and the 'scientists' probably got scared when their cars got stuck in the snow. So they went to study GW effects in warmer regions :-)