Thursday, 18 November 2010

About public transport in the UK (16) [Despre transportul în comun în UK]

Thanking again to my reader C.L. for the pictures (not that I wouldn’t have a dozen unpublished pics of British buses :-), here are some more or less funny bus jokes – read more here, here, here, here or here.

Is it typically British that their humour is rather approximate to many foreigners?! Could I be regardes as having a pro-British bias for finding jokes like these pretty funny?

Some policemen (from Romania, let’s assume, so that none of my foreign friends are offended) take a trip on a double-decker bus. Officers sit on the lower level, while agents on the top level.

Not long after the bus takes speed, worryingly screams are heard from above. “Why are you screaming like this?,” officers ask.
We don’t have a bus driver!!!,” the passengers from the upper deck shout.

A man standing at a bus stop was eating a hamburger. Next to him stood a lady with her little dog, which became very excited at the smell of the man’s supper and began jumping up at him.

Do you mind if I throw him a bit?” said the man to the lady.
Not at all,” she replied, whereupon the man picked the dog up and threw it over a wall.

Passenger: “Does this bus go to Manchester?” Driver: “No.” Passenger: “But it says Manchester on the front.

Driver: “There’s also an advertisement for baked beans on the side, but we don’t sell them!

Roger was sitting in a very full bus, when a fat woman opposite said: “If you were a gentleman, young man, you’d stand up and let someone else sit down.

And if you were a lady,” replied Roger, “you’d stand up and let four people sit down.

Finally, here’s bit of a politically incorrect (ethnic) joke. A British company hires 44 drivers from Poland, and is very pleased with their driving skills, as well as with how quickly they pick up English and even Glaswegian.

Guess what happens on the first day of work. The first thing they do after getting in the driver’s seat is to start asking the passengers: “Do you know where we are?

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Bogdan
I laughed very loudly at the jokes you posted... That with the Romanian policemen in UK seems known to me (is a better and improved version)..ha ha
Very funny! :))))

Anonymous said...

Me again,
Well, if it's not a posting about ‘serious stuff' I want to add a few thoughts has nothing to do with the subject…(about little blessing).
I realized again how true is...I am blessed.
I remembered that most of the blessings in life aren't the big ones. Instead they're so small that they're easy to miss. Joy doesn't come blazing in all at once...instead it shows up bit-by-bit.
As I thought about this, I realized I'd had joy in my day kind e-mails, time with friends. Yet these joys are so ordinary that I tend to take them for granted. Then I complain about not having joy in my life when I'm surrounded by it every moment.

Anonymous said...