Monday, 15 October 2012

The most beautiful park I’ve ever seen... [Cel mai frumos parc pe care l-am văzut vreodată...]

The most beautiful (and anti-consumerist) park I’ve ever seen…

…is the Caffarella Park, in Rome (a bit of it in the 2nd pic), Italy.

Briefly mentioned before on MunteanUK, I think it is…

…one of the most wonderful places in the world.

Of course, I haven’t seen too many countries of the world…

…thus not quite so many parks :-(

However, I dare holding on to my opinion.

There are several pedestrian alleys and bicycle paths...

...albeit unpaved and unmarked (11).

Some sheep (7), and a farmhouse (6, 8) from the 1500s.

Some villas (12) and ruins (4) from the time of the Romans.

And at least one metal bridge and a metal water pump.

Everything else is almost completely natural, unspoilt, peaceful.

As it has been just made by God.

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Cristian said...

Într-adevăr este frumos, nu doar că este în Roma.